Ireland Immigrant Investor Program

From unending rugged cliffs, to the vibrant capital city of Dublin, the Republic of Ireland has much to offer. This English – speaking island country has a rich history and its unique culture is known worldwide. Ireland is a member state of the European Union and has adopted the euro as its currency. Although it gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1921, British and Irish citizens are free to reside, work and study in either of the two countries under the Common Travel Area (CTA) agreement.

The Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme was established in 2012 to attract foreign investors and business professionals and bolster the creation of business and employment opportunities. Successful applicants are granted permission to reside in Ireland and may eventually become eligible for naturalisation as an Irish citizen.

Source : (2019-01-02)

Why Choose Ireland Immigrant Investor Program?

  • No education, age, or management experience requirements;
  • Fast processing time of three to four months on average;
  • Live in an English-speaking country with one of the best education systems in the world;
  • Path to citizenship available;
  • Freedom to reside and work in the UK under the CTA once a citizen;
  • Political and economic stability.