Nova Scotia

Located on Canada’s East Coast and bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Nova Scotia is a maritime province with tight-knit communities and a rich history influenced by aboriginal, Celtic, Acadian and African cultures. Its natural beauty, wide range of outdoor activities, vibrant cultural scene and nightlife attract more than 2 million visitors (over twice its population) every year.

The Nova Scotia Nominee Program is an economic immigration program, allowing the Government of Nova Scotia to select individuals that can contribute to the province’s economy. Approved applicants must operate a business in Nova Scotia on a work permit for at least one continuous year before being nominated for permanent resident status in Canada.


Source : (2019-12-12)

Why choose Nova Scotia’s entrepreneur stream?

  • Halifax is known as Canada’s education capital with the most university students and graduates per capita each year in the country;
  • Cost of living is one of the lowest in Canada;
  • Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Nova Scotia is one of the warmest provinces in Canada;
  • There is a strong commitment towards innovation and productivity;
    Environment allows for a balanced lifestyle.