Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, the province of Quebec’s vast territory of over 1,500,000 km² is covered by forests, lakes and mines. Apart from its abundant natural resources and highly efficient export infrastructure, Quebec is renowned in the fields of energy, environment and information technologies. Its population forms a rich cultural mix, with the majority speaking French.

The province’s largest city, Montreal, is a thriving metropolis often cited in global rankings for its renowned liveability and high-quality student life. It has also been recognized as one of the most bilingual cities in Canada with 59% of the population speaking both French and English.

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program allows high net worth individuals to be selected for permanent residence by making a sizeable investment to the province of Quebec.

Source: (08/11/2023)

Why Choose Quebec Immigrant Investor Program?

  • No requirement to create jobs, manage or operate a business under this program;
  • No more quota on the number of applicants;
  • Applicants may come to Canada on a work permit before obtaining a CSQ;
  • This investment is guaranteed by the Government of Quebec;
  • Financing the investment with an authorized financial intermediary is permitted;
  • It is the only passive investment immigration option to Canada.